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We are the breeders of healthy top quality tropical aquarium fishes and Rare Exotic Freshwater fish species. We breed these fish in our breeding facilities, Besides of being one of the biggest exporter of these fish varieties. we are also the biggest producer of L46 (Zebra plecos) and other exotic rare species. We have been supplying these fishes all over the world. We also have some breeding collections of rare plecos in our facility.

Our Products

Chilli Red Arowana for sale

Arowana Fish For Sale

These are the various types of Arowana fishes we have in stock. They are of various exportable sizes and we guarantee life delivery. Select from the list and click on the order link below to get to us. Read More

motoro stingray11

Stingray Fish For Sale

This stingray is excellent for beginning stingray keepers, as it is a fairly tolerant animal that is hardy. Gravel and other sharp decorations must be avoided as they can scratch the bottom of the.. Read More


Pleco Fish For Sale

Description Peaceful fish that can be kept best in an aquarium that is set up especially for this kind of fish. The height of the aquarium should be at least 50 centimeters (20″). You should.. Read More

Japanese koi Fish For Sale

Koi Fish For Sale

We have a wide varieties of Koi Fish for sale. They are available in various sizes and our prices are exceptionally affordable and we can ship to any part of the work and guarantee life delivery and replacement upon death arrival with proof..

Albino platinum discus for sale

Discus Fish For Sale

We have varieties of discus fishes available in stock for sale like royal blue discus, cobalt discus, Red Turquoise Discus, just to name a few. Inquire for any breed that you don’t see on our site for availability..

Flowerhorn Fish For Sale

Flowerhorn Cichlid for sale

There are several types of kamfa. However, in general, kamfa were crossbred between either a male or female pearlly flowerhorn and a vieja synspilum cichlid. The goal is to get the hump and pearl from the male or female flowerhorn and white eyes

Garra rufa fish for sale

Garra Rufa Fish For Sale

Our records show a DOA (Death on Arrival) of less than 0,5% of the total amount of fish.
Fast transport
Our garra rufa fish are delivered by airplane .

Leopard Tortoise for sale

Tortoise For Sale

We have varieties of tortoises from various origins of the world, like the african leopard tortoise, pancake tortoise, musk tortoise, red eyed sliders and so on. They are available and ready to be shipped out to any part of the world and they make great pets..

Halfmoon Bettas For Sale

Betta Fish For Sale

We have various species of halfmoon betta fish for sale along with other better species that will make a wonderful addition to your aquarium. Just let us know which betta fish you need and we will sort it out for you ..