Royal Blue

ROYAL BLUE DISCUS (Symphysodon aequifasciatus haraldi)

Description Peaceful fish that can be kept best in an aquarium that is set up especially for this kind of fish. The height of the aquarium should be at least 50 centimeters (20″). You should set up the aquarium with roots, driftwood, and heavy vegetation to provide hiding places.


are a selectively bred or man-made species of Discus that typically have a creamy yellowish to orange base color, highlighted by bright red eyes and trimmed off in black stripes and spots. The tails of Pigeon Blood Discus are almost always black. Some of the varieties of this strain have more or less straitions or black spotting with mor

Cobalt blue

Cobalt Blue Discus
The Neon Blue Discus, also known as the Cobalt Blue Discus, is a brilliant sky blue.
Scientific name:Symphysodon aequifasciatus
Selective breeding has produced many beautiful varieties of this fish that originate from the Amazon’s Rio Ne


The Tangerine Discus is a variant of the Pigeon Blood Discus, only it is hand selected for a more tangerine/semi orange appearance. The Tangerine Discus also lacks most of the markings of a Pigeon Blood.

Red Turquoise

Red Turquoise Discus As the name implies, the body of the Red Turquoise Discus is disc shaped with full dorsal and anal fins reaching to the tail. The body can reach to 8 to 10 inches in diameter.

German Brilliant Turquoise

German Brilliant Discus Fish (green hue) this beautiful solid turquoise discus fish shows off an iridescent green over the entire body.

Marlboro Red2

The Red Marlboro Discus has been selectively bred for its brilliant red coloration. The face of this Discus is yellow and the main part of the body is bright red. The Anal and dorsal fins have electric blue stripes that add to the appeal of this fish.

Blue Diamond

The Blue Diamond Discus has been selectively bred for its brilliant blue coloration. It’s distinguishing feature is the small white markings on it’s body.

Snakeskin Red

Red Snakeskin Discus With many names based on colored varieties resulting from controlled breeding, Symphysodon aequifasciatus is referred to as the Snakeskin Discus


The Golden Sunset Discus with a beautiful orange colouration with black finnage.

Snakeskin Blue

The Snakeskin blue Discus has a mottled blue appearance against a red background.

Albino platinum discus for sale

Albino Platinum discus has been selectively bred for its brilliant coloration. It’s distinguishing feature is the small snow white with albino eyes.