Kamfa fh

There are several types of kamfa. However, in general, kamfa were crossbred between either a male or female pearlly flowerhorn and a vieja synspilum cichlid. The goal is to get the hump and pearl from the male or female flowerhorn and white eyes and aggressive looking face from the vieja synspilum. However, a very few percent of the resulting fries have both physical characteristics of both parents, and the rest were not as good as fish hobbyists would want. Some hobbyists tried to breed selected best fries from first generation resulting from flowerhorns and vieja synspilum parents. Still, there were very few percent of obtaining best quality fries. This makes kamfa flowerhorn expensive than other type of flowerhorns in general.

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Red and Super Red Dragon
As mention above, the name red or super red dragon depend on the intensity of the red color the fish have. These fish were crossbred between red dragon themselves that from different parents. The resulting fries maintain their redness, humps, flowers, and body shapes as of their parents. Moreover, these fish have a high percent of obtaining good and best quality fries per batch.


Kamalau are similar to red dragon. The breeding technique is similar to breeding red dragon as well. However, most kamalau have tan to orange color.