Garra Rufa Fish
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What is at least as important as price is the size, the health, the packing and the transport of the garra rufa fish. We constantly monitors and perfections these important elements, offering our worldwide customers the best value for money.
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Mature size
Our garra rufa fish are offered at an average length between 3 – 4 cm.

Garra rufa fish for sale
garra rufa fish

Perfect health
Our garra rufa fish are checked and certified on health by an animal doctor.
Secure packing
Our records show a DOA (Death on Arrival) of less than 0,5% of the total amount of fish.
Fast transport
Our garra rufa fish are delivered by airplane .
Top quality
We deliver mature, strong and healthy garra rufa fish worldwide even to wholesalers and we have never failed in quality.
We ensures a delivery time of the garra rufa fish within 3days max (wordwide) after the order confirmation. In this period the garra rufa fish are quarantined to condition for transport and the export documents are prepared. The garra rufa fish will be transported to the closest airport of customers choice.