motoro stingray11

Potamotrygon Motoro Stingray For Sale

This stingray is excellent for beginning stingray keepers, as it is a fairly tolerant animal that is hardy. Gravel and other sharp decorations must be avoided as they can scratch the bottom of the Ray and cause injury, disease, and death. Sand is an excellent substrate for this animal. The Hystrix may eat aquarium mates that would fit into its mouth. Feeder fish, krill, cut shrimp, and other meaty foods suit it best. This fish needs to be kept in a very large aquarium due to its large adult size. A 250 gallon aquarium or larger would be a good starting point.


hytrix ray

Potamotrygon hystrix Stingray for sale

The hystrix stingray can be a difficult species to understand. This is because there are 2 different kinds of hystrix-the “true” hystrix and the “fake” hystrix. The true hystrix is from Brazil. As I stated in previous posts-there is a ban from exporting stingrays from Brazil. This makes it very difficult to find true hystrix stingrays. The fake hystrix stingrays are usually other common available stingrays with some-what similar patterns such as-orbinyi, humerosa and sometimes yepezi stingrays. Fake or false hystrix are from Peru. The true hystrix gets to be around 14″, making it one of the smaller species of stingrays. A young hystrix stingray can be kept in a standard 125 gallon tank but as it gets older a tank with a minimum footprint of 6’x30′ will be required.


black diamond sting1

Leopoldi Stingray For Sale  (Black Diamond Stingray For Sale)

Although the Black Diamond stingray does not have an official description, these are the most desirable appearances:
– Brighter white spots on the disc (in a consistent pattern)
– Edge-spotting (spots around the edge of the disc)
– Belly spotting (dark black/dark gray spots at the bottom of the disc at later age)
– The base black color is more intense
– Usually the iris of the eye is white


Pearl Ray77

Potamotrygon sp Stingray For Sale “Pearl Ray”

Potamotrygon sp. “Pearl Ray” belongs to the Potamotrygonidae family. The patterning of this “species” is highly variable, with no two examples appearing the same. In general, Pearl rays have patterns which are made up of lines with dots or small donuts in the center of these lines. These patterns connect all over the stingray, producing like a “Spiderweb” kind of effect. Some have golden markings, while others are almost white. Not only do patterns vary in color, even the base colors of the stingrays vary from light whitish tones to dark brownish black tones.


Tiger Stingray22

Tiger Stingray For Sale (Potamotrygon menchacai)

For more than a decade, aquarium traders in the upper Amazon River Basin of Peru have caught the freshwater fish, whose name – Potamotrygon tigrina – is inspired by its orange-black coloration and banded tail.
Up to 31 inches (80 centimeters) wide, the species is distinct from other stingrays based on, among other features, its conspicuous colors and its tail spines, which are lower and not as closely grouped as those of its relatives.